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Water for industry

Treatment of sugar solutions and fruit juices

In recent years requirements for the quality and purity of sugar refinement in the sugar and drinks industry has led to a number of changes. The changed attitude of the end consumer means that the common "brown" products no longer represent high quality.

It has also become much more important for the drinks industry to obtain products with less colour in order to be able to produce an end product which is more transparent in colour.
A colour adsorption process using resin is used to meet these requirements. This entails the removal of organic components which influence the taste and odour of drinks. Furthermore, decolouration is important for the removal of any impurities which might impair the end quality of the product.

Decolouration systems through the application of resin absorbers have become more widely used in the last years by sugar producers and drinks manufacturers.
The SALCON system consists of a filtration system to remove insoluble solids and a decolouration system.

In the decolouration system soluble sugar in the form of syrup is directed in an ascending flow through a layer of absorber resin. The resin absorbs the organic ashes and organic salts.
SALCON has developed a 3-stage system:

In the first stage mass decolourisation is carried out. The second stage employs a special resin for use as a polisher and to improve the pH control. The third resin assists with the removal of extrinsic tastes and odours.
SALCON systems have a fully automatic operation. This reduces malfunctions and manual work to a minimum. An automatic system ensures continuous, reproducible operating conditions resulting in a better end product.

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