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Drinking water and process water

Water - Aeration

Aeration accelerates the oxidation of organic substances and removes iron and manganese.

Removal of iron:

Iron is usually present in water in a bivalent and soluble form. It is created as a result of reduction processes in aquiferous bedrock. If the water then comes into contact with (air) oxygen, the iron emerges in a trivalent form as a low soluble, brown iron-rust.

For soluble bivalent iron the first treatment phase involves oxidation, achieved in most cases through mechanical aeration.

Then a further process removes the formed suspended sediments from trivalent iron hydroxide.


Much of the procedure for the removal of iron is also valid for the removal of manganese from water. The soluble form of manganese is also bivalent. As the iron often occurs together with manganese in water, the speed and the oxidation sequence of both elements is of special significance.

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