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Drinking water and process water

Water - Sterilisation

The sterilisation of water is largely achieved using substances with a high oxidising capacity. In practice chlorine is mainly used due to its compounds which kill germs, along with ozone.

Chlorine is predominantly used in the form of chlorine gas.
In a way similar to chlorine, ozone reacts in an oxidative manner with dissolved matter. Ozone treatment is especially disadvantageous with broad distribution networks as it gradually decomposes in water.
Metallic salts are also used (silver or cuprous salts) in special cases for the sterilisation process in the treatment of water as well as other oxidants such as bromine, iodine or peroxide salts.

UV systems:

The spectral absorption coefficient is measured in the UV range without the addition of chemicals.

This measurement gives information about the organic substances present such as  humic acids and is very easy to define. SALCON systems use spectral photometers or filter photometers with a corresponding filter.

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